The premise upon which the Foundation was born was based on the exorbitant amount of animals being euthanised in pounds and shelters. This is a prevalent issue that has a potential resolution and thus our goal is to educate the community about responsible pet ownership. As well as to provide rehabilitation for abused or neglected animals in order to responsibly rehouse them back into the community. 

The reality that each year thousands of innocent and healthy animals lose their lives is soul destroying. Furthermore, the sad fact is that most shelters operate with ‘pound contracts’ meaning that they receive generous revenue for incoming stray animals at the expense of euthanising healthy animals to create room, this is inconceivable to us. 

This is where Pets Haven Foundation is different, we will always be there to provide hope and a second chance for our companion pets.

The pedestal upon which we place both “human and fur” is second to none.