• $59.95


Very detailed and handcrafted ladies T-shirt

Designer Sue Walker
Model on T-shirt: __KRYSTLE_XX


By purchasing one of these T-shirts part of the proceeds will go to research for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

A few words from the model... __KRYSTLE_XX

"My name is Krystle and I started modeling around 4 years ago. Growing up I always wanted to be a model but never thought I was pretty or good enough to be one so I never persued it. When I came out of an abusive relationship at the age of 26, in one week I had 3 different people tell me I should give modeling a chance. I then thought, everything happens for a reason and maybe these people are right and I should pursue my dreams. After my first photoshoot I instantly started gaining confidence and feeling better about myself. I worked with extremely talented creatives that helped me start believing in myself and my abilities and that its ok to follow your dreams despite what others think and have said to you in the past. I then got an opportunity to do photoshoots with Secret Garden Boutique and also Amore Hair Extensions which then gave me the boost and to put myself out there which led me to success in winning the face of Showpo in 2016.

If i could give anyone advice it would be follow your dreams and go after what you want, I never thought still at my age I would be able to follow my dreams but if you want something bad enough anything is possible.
My chosen charity to donate to is Cure Brain Cancer. In August 2017 I found out my best friend had been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. This event has dramatically changed me and how I view things and I couldnt think of a better charity to donate to. My friend is still fighting her battle so I am honoured to be a part of the Wet Tees community, doing what I love and being able to give part of the profit back to help cure brain cancer."